About WLC

We hold firm belief in providing quality education. Seeing many children learn but to no avail, and parents running out of methods, we established Wise Lens Classroom to help children solve the problems they encounter in learning. Up till now, the students we have taught have shown improvements in their grades. We, from the bottom of our hearts, believe that as long as students develop a sense of achievement and self-confidence, the learning effectiveness will be greatly facilitated.

Our Belief

Wise means wisdom. Lens means the lens on our pupils.

Every child uses his own unique lens to perceive the world. Classroom is a place where students learn.

We would like to become the ‘lens’ in children and show them different angles to view the world. Each lens brings a brand-new vision. Today, we, together with children, put various ‘lens’ in front of our eyes to explore the world; meanwhile, broaden our horizons! Taking up the roles of both teachers and companions, we help organise what they learn and transfer it to be their treasure chest so that children can truly apply the knowledge in real life.

Our Features

Small class teaching

There are 6-8 people per class. In addition to the subject teachers, part time tutors are present to cater for individual needs at the most.

Complement school curriculum

The materials are tailor-made to complement different school curricula, by which students can consolidate what they have learned at school.

Professional tutors

All full time tutors are degree holders, with profound teaching experience to accommodate different learning needs.

Handle Book

A smartphone app (electronic handbook) specifically invented for tutorial centres. It strengthens the mutual communication between the centre and parents so that they can keep track with their children’s progress.

Our Team

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School Network

嘉諾撒聖心學校 Sacred Heart Canossian School
聖類斯中學(小學部) Saint Louis School (Primary Section)
聖嘉祿學校 St. Charles School
聖嘉勒小學 St. Clare's Primary School
聖若瑟小學 St. Joseph's Primary School
聖保羅書院小學 St. Paul's College Primary School
聖安多尼學校 St. Anthony's School
聖公會聖馬太小學 SKH St. Matthew's Primary School
聖公會聖彼得小學 SKH St. Peter's Primary School
聖公會基恩小學 SKH Kei Yan Primary School
聖公會呂明才紀念小學 SKH Lui Ming Choi Memorial Primary School
聖士提反書院附屬小學 St. Stephen's College Preparatory School
聖士提反女子中學附屬小學 St. Stephen's Girls' Primary School
新會商會學校 San Wui Commercial Society School
番禺會所華仁小學 Pun U Association Wah Yan Primary School
救恩學校(小學部) Kau Yan School (Primary Section)
高主教書院小學 Raimondi College Primary Section
般咸道官立小學 Bonham Road Government Primary School
香港潮商學校 Chiu Sheung School, Hong Kong
香港真光中學小學部 True Light Middle School of Hong Kong (Primary Section)
英皇書院同學會小學第二校 King's College Old Boys' Association Primary School No. 2
英皇書院同學會小學 King's College Old Boys' Association Primary School
天主教總堂區學校 Catholic Mission School
中西區聖安多尼學校 Central And Western District St. Anthony's School


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Homework Guidance Class

Other course

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Before you enroll

1. Students are required to pay the tuition fees before the first class of each month. Only cash or cheques are accepted. If you pay by cheque, you can write “「智瞳課室」” or Wise Lens Classroom.

2. After applying for the course and paying the tuition fee, the center will not accept any application for transfer or refund. If you need to apply for a refund for special reasons, you must provide written proof or relevant document seven days before the course starts. Cases that are overdue or have applied for a refund for the same reason will not be accepted and approved. Changes of class arrangement is not guaranteed. The center reserves the right of final decision.

3. All students should take classes according to the schedule of the center. If there is a need to adjust the class, the center does not guarantee a successful application, and will not refund part or all of the tuition fees to students who are absent for private reasons. Yet, students can obtain relevant handouts with the tutors’permission.

4. All enrolled students must abide by the rules of this center. In case of violations, oral warning, written warning, notification to parents or expulsion of student status will be granted according to its severity. Expelled students shall not object and the tuition fees will not be refunded.

5. After enrolling in the course, if the center finds that the student’s learning process, attitude or personality is not suitable for the ideas held by the center or will affect the overall atmosphere of the classroom, the center’s staff or lecturers have the right to expel the students. The center will not refund part or all of the tuition fees.


Part A - Courses

Wise Lens Classroom is a tutorial centre in which all major subjects are taught by subject teachers who have relevant expertise. Our classes are taught and designed by professional and experienced instructors. We keep the classes up to date and make appropriate adjustment regarding school curricula and students’ performance. We make sure students receive quality education and master what they learn.

Regular courses are well compiled based on the school curriculum, aiming at consolidating and integrating students’ knowledge. Regular courses are conducted in a small class style with 6-8 people, together with a teaching assistant to fully take care of every student.

Students are divided into 3 groups (P1-P2, P3-P4, P5-P6). Each group will be coordinated by a homeroom teacher. The homeroom teachers guide students to finish their homework, revise for dictation, quiz and exam. Supplementary exercises are provided if needed. Students with academic difficulties will receive immediate assistance from the teacher and part time tutor There is also an electronic app to record students’ progress, and reward them based on their in class performance.

Comprehensive Leaving Programme includes one Chinese, one English and one Maths lesson per week, along with five homework periods on a weekly basis.

SSPA exam class is designed for Primary 5 and Primary 6 students and available before every school test and exam. Professional tutors provide sufficient training and support for students to cope with the tests and exams. Also, test and exam papers are provided.

Whenever tests and examinations approach, both students and parents feel stressed. Exam Preparation Class helps students revise in a more effective manner. Students revise their previous knowledge and practise exam papers with the guidance from our professional instructors. Please contact us for further information.

The long summer vacation is not only a time for students to rest and recharge, but also a precious opportunity for them to review what they have learned in the previous academic year and prepare for the new year. In the course, students revise what they have learnt in the previous year to strengthen the weak spots. They also study the selected topics for the upcoming academic year. We advocate interactive discussion and class activities in summer course, making sure that students learn with joy. We also arrange outdoor activities every week such as sports, art & crafts and teamwork games so that students can have an all-round development.

Currently we do not provide one-on-one lessons.

Unfortunately, we do not provide childcare services.

Part B - Make-up class policy

Homework class – Unfortunately, we do not provide any make-up class

Regular class – With a medical certificate, we will arrange a make-up class at our best.

Homework class - Unfortunately, we do not provide any make-up class.

Regular class – Please inform us at least 3 business days in advance. We will arrange a make-up class at our best. For students who request for a leave on the day, we only provide course materials.

Part C - Fees

Homework class – We charge on monthly basis. There are no make-up classes on public holidays. Please noted that the charge would be the same for months of four weeks or five weeks.

Regular class – We charge a fixed amount per lesson. Parents pay for the number of lessons their children attend every month.

Homework class – The charge is calculated proportionally. For example, the monthly fee for a P6 student is $ 2800, which the weekly fee cost roughly about $700 if there are 4 weeks in a month. If there are only two weeks left before the month ends, we charge only the remaining two weeks.

Regular class – We charge a fixed amount per lesson. Parents pay for the number of lessons their children attend every month.

Measures during typhoon or heavy rain

If the observatory issues a typhoon signal No. 8 or above and a red and black rainstorm warning, after the Education Bureau announces the suspension of classes, students must still pay attention to the latest weather conditions. If the relevant warning is lifted three hours before the class, students must still attend the class, and the center will not notify you.

Contact Us



1 / F, Chi Ping Building, 38 Ho Wo Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong


3706 5510 / 5119 8687 (WhatsApp)



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